Welcome recruits! To have a chance at joining the guild, be active on the discord and apply here!

We ask you to be active as much as you can. If you're 2 days inactive or more you get kicked. Our goal is to reach to level 100 first and in order to accomplish our goal we need to be active. Please no toxic behavior, if you ever have a problem with a guild member you can always DM the captain, co-captains, or the officers. Also if there's a time where you're going be inactive for over 2 days please let us know or place your reasons for being inactive in the notice of absence chat. DISCORD is MANDATORY when playing with guild members just because we all want to be able to communicate while playing. 


1. Never Surrender

2. No Toxic play (guild or 


3. We request a MINIMUM of 4000

    FAME a week. (It's possible)

4. Discord is MANDATORY: https://discord.gg/mNT2sat

Guild/Discord Server Rules

1. Guild Standard - We2Sexy is a fame grinding guild. There are certain requirements that are important for maintaining membership.

  • A. Priority - Guild members first when looking to play games. It's the sole purpose of this guild. It is mandatory to post in the #looking-for-games section before queueing up with anyone outside the guild. This is the biggest reason most people find themselves removed. Special circumstances may allow for permission to be granted to play with people outside the guild. But, that is left up to the discretion of the officers.

  • B. Activity - A minimum of 3k fame per week is required of new members. Veterans must make 4k per week. Guild members who are more than 2 days inactive without a note in #notice-of-absense will be automatically kicked. Newer members should consider themselves on probation: any elongated period of inactivity could result in a kick.

2. Never Surrender - It's simple! We don't get guild fame for surrenders, its petty, and considered toxic. Don't do it!

3. No Toxicity - If you made it in the guild, you represent 4U now! Do so proudly. No cussing, Raging, Name Calling, Sex, Drugs, Smoking related posts etc. If toxicity needs to be explained to you, then you are in the wrong guild. Be respectful of everyone (inside the guild or outside). This is not a debatable topic.

4. Dealing with Drama

  • A. As a Guild Member - Post in the #gripes-suggestions chat and an officer will contact the involved parties to reach a solution. You can also contact an officer personally but this may limit how quickly we can deal with the situation.

  • B. As a Non-Guild Member - Contact an @officers @Captain's and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

5. Leaks - We absolutely do not allow leaks in this discord. Period!

6. Recruitment - Contact our recruitment officers and be friendly and active in discord. Use the .iam Recruits command to put yourself into the recruits group on discord. Make sure to apply here.