Greetings! this is a one time raffle of this unique , one of a kind , hand made display box!!!!! But thats not all . box is filled with all this!!!!!

   .1 _12 inch by 9 inch walnut display box 

  .2_complete set of series 1 pins +++exclusive pins not released 

  .3_9 magnet back badges with rare earth magnet clips. (complete set of all heroes in set 1 with magnet backs are available to winner for extra fee)

  .4_1 vainglroy notebook and 2 custom pens

  .5_W2S  vinyl  velcro back patch that glows in the dark

  .6_3 custom hero lore cards (front and back print)

  .7_3 foot by 20 inch commercial vinyl fold map!!

plus stickers and wristbands!!!

                 HOW TO ENTER--Donate 5 bucks via the button on bottom of page , make sure you leave a good email address to contact you, you will receive

an email with notice of entry ! 

                  WINNER will be drawn September 19th 2017, winner will be notified via email that day , shipping will be priority mail 1-3 days U.S.(1 week for international) with tracking and insurance provided. (this is a $400+ value item) shipping if free!

                Winner will be announced on twitter , website and discord , (if you win plz post what you got and if you liked it)  

 You can see the number of entries above (updated daily)